Creative Challenge #1

2017 will be interesting.

I have 2 distinct concepts that are more “political” (sociological?) in concept – but in order to do them – in order to do them the way I WANT to do them – I need to find a group of intelligent people with both Strong conviction, and the empathy/awareness to understand that other people may have different opinions in some areas, or may measure their lives in different shades of grey than other people living on the same planet.

Would you be willing to answer a few questions (in both “positive” and “negative”) regarding your current views on the state of our world/country/humanity? And then would you pose for two images with those concepts (“positive” one “negative”) visioned as a photographs ? Example for the sake of simplicity – words written on a chalkboard around you, possibly with props to fit the concepts and posed to fit the mode/answers? 

Would you be willing to pose for the vision of someone else’s answers that might contradict your own? (knowing that someone else would be posing with your answers) or are you assured of your convictions to pose with them and “own” them?

Four choices –

  1. “Wear” your own words
  2. “Wear” the words of someone else
  3. “Anonymity” with your own words (I have options for how not to show your face.)
  4. “Anonymity” with the words of someone else.

(For the “words of someone else – these will be randomized)

No specific indication of which words are yours (or not) will be made except and unless you specifically ask to “own” the words. If you aren’t willing to wear someone else’s words – without review or editorial – you have to wear your own.

Wardrobe – Plain jeans or leggings (monotone dark/grey-black) ,  T-shirt (monotone light/grey/white) no logo/art) or implied/nude. any other options will require discussion for “appropriateness”.




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